Monday, 6 January 2014

Welcome to the New Year!

Check out my recent new release Last Shot!
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Continuing the Dev Haskell - Private Investigator
Series with Case 6: Last Shot

Private Investigator Dev Haskell decides the
best thing he can do is turn down Desi Quinn's request for help. He's not the guy to get involved in a long term investigation that's guaranteed to cost Desi a small fortune and offers little promise of a result. That's before events take a turn for the worse.

Now Dev has a debt to pay but how can low-rent-loser Pauley Kopff be teamed up with squeaky-clean Citizen of the Year, Gaston Driscoll? Not to mention an exotic dancer named Brandi, a born again Swindle Lawless and a Detective Norris Manning adding to the chaos. Dev lets go only to grab a bigger piece, but every time he thinks he's found the answer more questions arise. 

Between the humor and sex, Dev gets deadly serious, after all, it is his Last Shot.

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