Saturday 16 April 2011

Mystery 'guest' sign in

A stand out in the school of dumb criminals, Peter Addison of the UK takes center stage. After smashing plates and cups throughout a children's center and then hosing the entire mess with fire extinguishers genius Peter signed an erasible board 'Peter Addison was here'. Crime doesn't seem to pay, nor suit, in this case. I'm trying to think which is worse, causing the damage in the first place or being so stupid that you want to brag about what an absolute jerk you are.

Monday 11 April 2011

Please check out this blog, I received a nice blurb from Robert Carraher on his blog the-dirty-lowdown. Many thanks RC.

Next up will be a book from a new writer I just discovered.Mike Fairicy

Mike Faricy is America's hottest new  mystery writer. Minnesota native (and part time resident of Dublin, Ireland) Mike Faricy is currently working on his seventh cross-genre thriller, creating yet another suspenseful and zany crime caper populated by unforgettable characters working their way through twisting action-packed plots. Storyteller Faricy builds webs of crime and murder that sorely test his protagonists' abilities and ingenuity. Their struggles attract all kinds of bad company, with nail-bitingly hazardous and darkly comic results. Mike just sent me Russian Roulette. Russian RouletteBy the way, the cover photo is actually shot at the Spot Bar, a local ‘watering hole’ filled with early morning characters that didn’t stop in for a double latte with coconut and candied sprinklees,  to put it nicely. The guy is Mike’s son, that's his girlfriend holding the gun to his head. He’ll get used to that…“We shot it at 11:00 on a Sunday morning, the place full of day drinkers.” says Mike. Mike sent me the book from Smashwords on Sunday and I told him Sundays were always busy for me, trash man comes on Monday, horses and cats to take care of, etc.…well, damnit! I just had to peek, make sure the file was intact, you know (that’s my story and I am sticking to it!). Well, needless to say, I was immediately caught up in the book! What great mad cap characters in the vein of the best humorous hardboiled noir. I have a feeling I’ll be investing in a lot more shelf space – or Kindle Space (need to get a real Kindle now that the sun is coming out and I’ll be spending more time in the sun on the deck)– to populate with Mike’s books.

Day 1

Day one on the blog site and the more things change the more they stay the same. After three hours of uninterrupted work I take fifteen minutes for myself to blog. Three phone calls and three sentences later I'm further behind than when I started. Received four great responces for recepients of Operation eBook Drop, free downloads of my books to members of the armed forces. Just think, you're hunkered down in Kandahar or some place thinking things can't get muuch worse and then there's an email from me. Thanks for taking the time, happy reading, all th best.